Mentor-Mentee System

Servite Arts and Science college is known for integrating learning with values. It believes that personalized care and concern for each student will lead to a totality of personality development, during their period of study. Pertinent issues related to the young age, socio-economic background, family position and problems are common causes for students’ performance, setbacks and behavior. The institution deems it as a prime concern to know and direct them in right paths. It allots therefore a set of students under the purview of each teacher who serve as Mentors. The Mentor Mentee System is a meticulously practiced and a fruitful exercise which has benefitted the student community ever since it was instituted. 


  • To create a second home concern
  • To observe student progression and achievement records
  • To monitor attendance and performance
  • To serve as a constructive critical guide
  • To help mentee to set goals
  • To build a formidable relationship of support and guidance

Faculty uses their experience and knowledge in a facilitative manner to support the development of the mentee. They lend their time listening to their wards by building trust, encouraging and inspiring. A regular meeting of the mentor-mentee twice a month is had. A detail of student record is maintained with academic performance, participation and achievements. Contacts with the mentee’s parents or guardians are had if necessary. The mentor checks attendance and monitors leave or absence of mentee. The mentor encourages their wards towards self-reflection, redresses their grievances, provides proper guidance for academic improvements and enables them to identify areas of weakness and strength. The system has paved way for a strengthened bond with the alma mater even after the students’ period of study.

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