The Department of Tamil is working with the desire to establish the Tamil tradition by imparting knowledge to the women students of various disciplines in Arts, Science, Literature and Grammar on the basis of Tamil Literature. From the inception  of the college to the present day, Department of  Tamil has been encouraging first and second year undergraduate students to develop a variety of skills such as speaking, writing and acting through (part – 1) General Tamil . It guides the students to participate in various competitions related to art and culture organized by Bharadhidasan University, Tamil Associations and various colleges and to win prizes.

                   In 2017, Tamil as UG major department made its mark in Servite Arts and College for women with 9 students. The Department is active and joins in all aspects of Management.


Ø To make the students to be conscious of the values of Life followed in Tamil Literature.

Ø To nourish creative achievements in the mother tongue and develop the spirit of cultural unity.

Ø To motivate the students to participate in Extra-curricular, Co-curricular activities to become as Orators, Radio programmers and News Reporters.


                   To uplift the first Generation Learners by Learning Tamil Language through Tamil Literature, which has an important role in the modern world of life, art and culture.



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