Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

To make Young Women as Agents of an Egalitarian Society through Liberative Education.

 Our Mission:

 To empower Women through regular and non-formal courses and make them economically independent and socially aware so that they make better homes and  ontribute to family and social progress.

 College Logo

The Logo of Servite Arts and Science College for Women with the motto “Awakening Women’s Power” signifies the purpose of our Servite Education Ministry in a symbolic and a befitting way. The inner circle with the inverted cross is the symbol of feminism which honours the feminine power  and also gives a clarion call to the women society to work towards the realization of an equilateral society.

The raised right fist salute symbol inside the circle represents our respect for life, liberty, human rights and solidarity, especially with the oppressed people.

 Our Logo inspires the Servite Arts and Science college family to march forward with the intrinsic knowledge, wisdom, courage and conviction to achieve our ultimate vision and mission of our education ministry.

Our Goals

·        To bring students of the lowest strata to the main stream of education.

·        To make young women competent and skilled to compete in the global sphere of education and employment.

·        To bring out the inner power and potential in young women and channelize them towards social transformation.

·        To involve the students in community oriented activities thereby enabling them to contribute to national development.

·        To make them emotionally balanced, morally upright and spiritually integrated.

Our Objectives

·        To conduct relevant courses answering to the needs of the changing scenario.

·        To develop an in-depth knowledge in specific area of study. To inculcate the quest for research activities. To help the learners make career choices.

·        To impart an education that promises an integral growth of knowledge, skills and values.

·        To enhance the quality of learning by conducting appropriate courses for slow learners.

·        To provide financial assistance to the economically disadvantaged students.

·        To empower young women who will in turn carry the message of empowerment and dignity to the society at large.

·        To sensitize the students about their rights and motivate them to work for their socio economic and political status.

·        To promote a composite culture and religious harmony in the campus. 

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