Extra-Curricular Activities

The College offers various art forms to its young women enabling them to compete in the Global Sphere of Education and Employment. The Varied Skills foster on all-round Personality development. The Awareness Programme and the Community Development Programme regulate the students with the moral code of conduct, in accordance with their belief, structure and vision of life.

 A. Social Awareness Programme

1, Human Rights Forum

2, Eco Club

3, Women Cell

4, Anti- Sexual Harassment Cell

5, Consumer Club

B. Service Organization

1, Youth Red Cross

2, Red Ribbon Club

3, Health & Hygiene

4, National Service Scheme


6, Community Development Programme



C. Eco Feminine Clubs

1, Eco Club

2, Health & Hygiene

D.Skill Development

1, Essay and Elocution

2, Quiz Club

3, Creativity Club

4, Soft Skills

E, Spiritual Animation

1, Campus Ministry

2, Friends of Servite Sisters

3, Yoga and Meditation

4, Think Tank

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