Core Values of the College

Our education for the College is not merely confined to imparting knowledge in the classroom, but is a means of reinforcing values of love, compassion, human dignity, commitment, gratitude, equality and social justice. Untiring efforts are made to instill the values of mutual trust, team work, easy sharing of knowledge, skills and resources to create a vibrant society. We appreciate, respect and promote the perspectives, rights and dignity of each individual.

 The College aspires to produce academically-oriented, sensitive and responsible citizens who will contribute towards making the world a better place. Servite college provides a caring and nurturing environment where our students come into their own, blossoming into confident young women ready to face the world.

Best Practices

·        We are awakening women’s power through Transformative Education.

·        We take pride in having created a vibrant campus environment that allows students to think critically, to question, act and resist creatively

·        The vast and open area covered with green trees provides spaces to students to hold public discussions and interactive sessions about various issues such as:

Women and labour , gender and sexuality , violence at home , influence of media ,laws and rights , health and hygiene.

·        Special attention has been paid to issues relevant to women in the 21st century, especially those of mental health, sexual identities, and sexual harassment in home and in the workplace.

·        Each department organizes events that reinforce the institution’s larger vision and mission to provide empowering education to young rural women.

·        A huge area is left in its natural form and acts as a natural habitat for biodiversity and a large variety of species of grasses, herbs, shrubs and trees.

·        Our campus is a plastic free, pollution free area with greeneries.

·        Conduct workshops on the 3Rs: Reduce, reusing and recycling of waste.

·        Commit to manage waste and maintain clean campus especially during college events.

·        Our students celebrate their birth days by planting

·        Trees in the campus.

·        We invite our village people for important celebrations like Pongal, Women’s day program Christmas celebrations, world Water day, Sparrow day, Food day, Forest day, children’s day etc.

·        We have committed to replenish the groundwater by practicing rainwater harvesting. This practice helps in the replenishment and recharge of the groundwater.

·        We observe Human Rights day, international day for the elimination of violence against women etc by arranging rallies, human chain etc.

·        During the Covid-19 necessitated lockdown, we have organized several international and National webinars in science, commerce, arts and also webinars that sought to address student related issues like mental and physical health, meditation and well-being and careers in a post-Covid world.

·       We also organized many faculty development programs to equip faculty members with communication skills, online class skills, computer skills, counseling skills, and social skills to be a better teacher, mentor and friend.  

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