Computer Science


History of the Department


The Department of Computer Science which started in 2010 aims at imparting quality education in Computer Science and Information Technology through various undergraduate programmes. It offers an environment for the students to nurture their creativity and develop real time applications in various advanced areas of Computer Science and Information Technology. The Department mainly focuses on the wholesome development of the graduates. their intellectual, moral and spiritual wellbeing to excel in education, research and service. It also strives to inculcate innovative skills and technology for the benefit of learners through various techniques.



Empower students with computational and logical skills to become leaders of globalised technologies.




To provide opportunities for students to become globally competent and to possess the core knowledge and the skills to apply the same to any situation, with a strong commitment to the society.

Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA

The programme is introduced to give basic understanding of concepts, techniques on latest programming languages and to provide a strong foundation in all technical aspects of computer and their applications. An in-depth understanding of the basic subjects will facilitate the students when they persue higher education. The Department of Computer Applications was started in 2010 and is functioning effectively with the committed staff members.


To provide the art of  computer education to rural women learners to equip them with skills such that it shall prepare them for higher studies or contribute in the areas of private and public sectors in Computer Applications



• To get knowledge and understanding of the basic operations of computer systems and the inter-relationship among hardware, software and data;

• To get knowledge and skills in using a range of applications software effectively, ethically and in a discriminatory manner to support information processing and problem solving;

• To get an understanding and experience in the ways that information is logically and sensibly organized, processed and manipulated by a computer;

•  To get an understanding and appraisal of the social and ethical issues pertaining to computer technologies.

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